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Giving the Gift of Encouragement to Your Kids

Because many of my readers have asked for me to post the following words to say and not to say to children, I am sharing it again. Blessings to each of you!


Encouraging and Motivating Your Sons and Daughters

10 Encouraging Things to Say That Build Kids Up: Every Child Needs to Hear that:

§ I believe in you.

§ It’s a blessing to be your mom/dad (grandma, aunt)

§ I love you. Then be specific: I love your smile (energy, caring heart, etc.)

§ I noticed…(you got your homework done, or that you have a new friend).

That’s what I call responsibility (kindness, other character quality)

§ Keep up the good work. You’re making progress!

§ If more kids were like you, this world would be a better place.

§ There is a bright future ahead for you.

§ Thanks for what you did…(helping, doing chores, doing homework, etc.)

§ If all the 8 year old girls (or 10, 5, use child’s age) were lined up from all over the world and I could only pick one, I’d pick YOU

§ I admire or am proud of you for …(name a specific quality or trait)

10 Negative Phrases NOT TO SAY Because They Tear Kids Down

§ You’re no good; you’ll never amount to anything.

§ If you don’t stop doing that, I’m going to leave you here (or go home without you).

§ Why can’t you be more like your brother/sister?

§ I can’t stand you.

§ You are so much trouble.

§ I can’t wait until you’re grown up and out of here.

§ Don’t you ever listen? Where are your brains?

§ What’s WRONG with you?

§ You are stupid.

§ You’re giving me a headache (or stressing me out).




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